>>> camera obscura, 2021, 06:48 min

The cinematic observation of the last minutes of the sunset, a motif that is often received, here in front of the berlin city landscape amateurishly filmed from the balcony. At the beginning, the shot setting is searched, the image sways back and forth, showing an area of social buildings, apartements and skyscrapers, a crane, a construction site, then the camera falls down and remains still in a long shot focusing the area around the Atrium Tower. While nothing really seems to happen in contrast to the observation of the wandering sun, the noises of cars, children, people and trains increase the gap to the romantic observation of the natural phenomenon and the video's central momentum slowly shows up: the disappearance of the sun in real time forms in the opposite building a situational and spatial camera obscura .

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>>> die Aufnahme (the record), 2022, 06:48 min

>>> Anzüge (suits), 2020, 09:03 min

>>> calx, 2019, 210 x 297mm

The publication calx contains over 50 photographs of a limestone field next to the seaside. The viewer follows the movements of the camera scanning the surfaces of the ground formed by water and time. Through the mass of patterns and forms an atmosphere of an archaeological excavation is generated -